How to Lose Belly Fat by Walking? (Advice From Those Who Made It)

How to Lose Belly Fat by Walking? (Advice From Those Who Made It)

How to Lose Belly Fat by Walking

Is walking an effective loss of belly fat technique?

Yes! It is definitely the easiest and most effective way to lose fat and regain a flat stomach.

In addition, it does not require any equipment or apparel. All you need is a pair of running shoes.

If you have been thinking about how to lose belly fat by walking, then you have come to the right place!

As we all know, belly fat accumulation is the biggest reason why many people are overweight or obese.

By walking, you will be able to burn off the abdominal fat and help yourself shed excess weight.

So, how walking helps you lose weight?

5 Benefits From Walking


1. It burns calories.

Yes, walking is actually one of the most effective ways of burning calories.

In one hour of brisk walking, you can burn up to 400 calories, which is equivalent to losing seven pounds of weight.

In fact, brisk walking is so good for your health that even people with heart problems should consider it as part of their exercise routine.

2. It makes you feel happy.

The fact is that there is no other activity that makes you feel so relaxed and at ease than walking.

It has been known that regular walking helps you lose weight because it helps you de-stress.

The level of happiness it causes will make you want to continue to walk and lose weight.

3.It keeps your heart healthy.

Cardiovascular diseases have been said to cause obesity and overweight.

Walking every day keeps your heart healthy and this is another reason why people start to lose weight after a few weeks of regular walking.

4. It improves your memory.

Aside from keeping you fit, walking also improves your memory.

Your brain gets used to the stimulation and activity of walking, and you can definitely use this added workout to improve your memory function.

As such many people say that walking has enabled them to improve their memory and keep it that way.

5. It keeps your stress level down.

If you have high-stress levels, you tend to consume more calories than what your body really needs.

As a result, your weight increases, and you gain weight.

Walking is an ideal way of reducing your stress level and as such, it will help you lose weight.

How Long To Walk Each Day For Lose Belly Fat?

Walk Each Day

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), individuals should aim to participate in a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per day or 150 minutes per week.

While this can help you get on track in terms of cardiovascular fitness and combating other health conditions, if you’re looking to lose weight, you’ll probably want to do a little more.

For individuals who are obese and trying to lose weight, or anyone looking to keep the weight off, the ACSM recommends bumping this number up to 200–300 minutes per week (3.3–5 hours).

Breaking this down, a one-hour walk 4–5 days per week will be sufficient to achieve your weight-loss goals. Any additional time you spend exercising on top of this adds to your overall calorie burn and fitness level.

How Can You Get Started?

Walking is one of the easiest exercise routines to start — just pick a route and get going!

In addition, It is essential that you get a good pair of shoes that will cushion your steps.

This will help you to have better balance and will help you to walk more comfortably.

Tips to Follow for When You’re Walking

1. Pick up the pace:

A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise showed that when people increased their pace to a run, they burned more calories.

This study also showed that the group of runners weighed less overall than the walkers, suggesting that speed directly affects the number of calories a person burns while exercising.

However, increasing the pace does not mean a person has to run. Instead, walking briskly will burn extra calories to help with weight loss.

2. Walking uphill

Walking uphill

To help increase calorie burn, a person should walk uphill regularly.

For some, this may mean increasing the treadmill gradient, while others may want to incorporate more hills into their outdoor walking routine.

A person should aim to walk up hills, stairs, or inclines two to three times a week.

3. Hydrate:

Staying adequately hydrated is also important in your weight loss efforts through walking.

When you return from your walk, make sure to down a glass of water to rehydrate the body.

4. Focusing on form

When it comes to walking, it is important to maintain form and posture.

Certain posture and form cues can help enhance your walk.

While walking, a person should also focus on tightening their abdominal muscles and glutes.

5. Power walking in intervals

Power walking in intervals can be an effective way for a person to increase the number of calories they burn while walking.

To try power walking in intervals, a person should first walk for about 5 to 10 minutes to warm up. Then increase the pace and continue at an uncomfortable but sustainable pace for 10 to 15 seconds before returning to a normal walking pace.

As you can see, Walking is one of the best forms of exercise you can do for your health and weight loss.

Of course, Lose Belly Fat by Walking is only one component of a comprehensive weight loss plan, it would be much better to if combine exercise and a sensible diet.

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